My maps of orienteering

So, here you'll be able to find maps uploaded from me when I run for Ankarsrums OK and Tacton OK.

Länna Medel H35 (2017-04-08)
lördag 8 april 2017
Hageby, Länna IF, Sweden
Well, I was running. That's good. New compass for the event. Worked awesome but I am still running like an idiot. I need to set th...
Måsenstafetten H120 Sträcka 1 (2017-03-26)
söndag 26 mars 2017
Ryssbergen, OK Måsen, Sweden
H120, sträcka 1|Resultat
Well, running while you need to visit the men's room is not recommended. I really must stop eating breakfast that early in the mor...
Tacton OK & Oberschweinsteige (2017-03-17)
fredag 17 mars 2017
Frankfurt Oberschweinstege, Germany
At you can print your own map.
Mila by night # 5 - Grimsta Jaktstart (2017-03-13)
måndag 13 mars 2017
Jaktstart avslutning Mila by night|Resultat
Final i Mila by Night. Jaktstart på programmet och det var skoj. Jag bommade en hel del till 3:an och 4:an men sedan höll jag...
Mila by night # 4 - Älvsjöskogen (2017-02-08)
Well, running in the forest at night can be quite tricky... But I got around. Winsplits: