Måsenstafetten H120 Sträcka 1 (2017-03-26)
Kategooria: My collected maps
Kaart/piirkond: Ryssbergen
Korraldaja: OK Måsen
Riik: Sweden
Ala: H120
Vahetus: 1
Distants: 6.48 km
Aeg: 69:51
Well, running while you need to visit the men's room is not recommended. I really must stop eating breakfast that early in the morning. I should have just had some water instead and headed out but the start was a little later than I wanted so I decided to eat something. Really not recommended, but I did. And I had to pay for it. I was slow! Superslow.

But I found my way. We all did. Eventually. Unfortunately we where left behind in the desert of all the other teams. Last place....

Better luck next time.

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Måsenstafetten H120 Sträcka 1 (2017-03-26) Måsenstafetten H120 Sträcka 1 (2017-03-26)