Länna Medel H35 (2017-04-08)
Categoría: My collected maps
Mapa/área: Hageby
Organizador: Länna IF
País: Sweden
Disciplina: H35
Distance: 6.01 km
Time: 71:24
Average HR: 172
Maximum HR: 195
Well, I was running. That's good. New compass for the event. Worked awesome but I am still running like an idiot. I need to set the bearing correct in my head AND body.
Fun and lovely forest to run in. Good organization.
Watch it on Livelox: https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/Lannamedeln/H35?classId=63512
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Länna Medel H35 (2017-04-08) Länna Medel H35 (2017-04-08)