Höstlunken - Patrull - Motionsklass (06/11/2016)
Category: My collected maps
Map/area: Flottsbro - Gömmaren
Organiser: Snättringen SK
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Patrull - Motion
Distance: 9.34 km
Time: 105:02
Average HR: 174
Maximum HR: 196
A patrol competition where the runners run in pairs. Pretty cool event. It was cold and a little snow on the fields. Nice area to run in. Daniel that I was running with was a good match. He's a little faster and I'm just a little bit better at the map. Very fun competition, and a great learning experience.
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Höstlunken - Patrull - Motionsklass (06/11/2016) Höstlunken - Patrull - Motionsklass (06/11/2016)